When aesthetics and functionality are combined: the challenging request from iSANITY

Aware of the importance of sanitisation, not only of rooms but also of objects, iSANITY is a reliable partner to its customers for achieving hygienic requirements.

The request for its flagship product, an air sanitizer equipped with NASA-certified ISTPCO technology, was to create packaging that could present the product in the same way as the Apple model!

A great challenge, which the Faenza Group took on with the utmost commitment and collaboration with the customer and its graphics team.

The need was clear from the start: we needed to create something aesthetically recognisable, expressing authority and reliability, while being strong enough to hold an iron object, a sanitizer similar to a lamp, weighing about 2kg.

From prototype to finished product: a successful result

From the functionality point of view, a case with a coated polystyrene core and a 2 mm cardboard cover that was also coated, was designed and all of it made of air cushion.

Equally important, the aesthetics were taken care of by designing a magnet closure.

The presentation of the prototype was an immediate success with the customer. After the graphic design of the logo and the other elements that characterise this special card work, the Faenza Group team worked on printing the product in 3 colours.

The entire package was finished by using soft touch lamination, an innovative technique that makes the final product exceptionally elegant. The logo was coated using a UV screen printed coating, which allows the decorations to stand out, giving brightness to certain areas of the product.