Rilastil Sun System

Rilastil and Faenza Group: together again for suncare packaging

Once again, Istituto Ganassini renews its trust in Faenza Group, a long-lasting collaboration which revolves around the Rilastil brand.

For the launch of the Sun System line, the company commissioned Faenza Group to create the new packaging, with a double purpose:

  • to create a product that was aligned with the new visual identity of the tanning products
  • to simultaneously convey the safety of dermatological protection and the pleasantness of a cosmetic.

A great challenge, considering the line is divided into 30 products for a total of 600,000 pieces, distributed throughout Italy and abroad.
The team embraced this project enthusiastically, working to ensure the highest aesthetic consistency on the shelf, without forgetting the more technical aspects related to the machinability of the product.


Sustainability, functionality and aesthetics. Because 3 is the perfect number!

Three key words revolve around the new Rilastil suncare packaging: sustainability, functionality and aesthetics.

To manufacture the product, FSC certified cardboard and hydro-ecological varnish have been used, in compliance with the company’s green policy.

All technical aspects regarding the machinability of the packages have been optimised to ensure maximum functionality during product insertion.

Quality and uniformity for the entire product range, printed in 7 colours with hydro-ecological glossy varnish on FSC cardboard, with linear die-cutting and gluing.

A production that has achieved customer satisfaction both for the technical solutions used and for the significant aesthetic uniformity over the entire line. Once again, the collaboration between the Faenza Group and Istituto Ganassini has proved to be a winning one!