Designing and creating packaging is much more than just building protective boxes for products. The aim is not only to contain the objects, but importance also lies in the packaging’s ability to communicate the company’s thinking behind the product to the world.



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The Faenza Group allows its customers to not only obtain the best in packaging design and implementation, but to alsocommunicate the production philosophy to its users in an original and effective way.

Our packaging plant is located in the so-called Italian Packaging Valley, which allows us to enjoy a privileged position compared to many competitors.


Packaging, marketing and design

Thanks to an accurate design phase and the subsequent realisation with advanced technologies, the packaging we produce satisfies our customers not just because of its simple machinability, but also for the care paid to the characteristics that make it an essential element of company communication and marketing.

Packaging must contain all information required by law, as well as the information desired by buyers and that which the company considers essential in order to promote what it markets. Packaging is never to be underestimated when planning marketing strategies and this is demonstrated by the enormous attention that large companies put on the design of their packaging and boxes.

Shapes, colours, fonts, graphics, images, formats and different materials can all be used to express the mission and vision of a company within a limited space.

A well-designed packaging leads to the product being chosen from among the many placed on the shelves and helps brands to make themselves known and position themselves clearly on the market.

How innovative packaging is born

There are countless augmented reality solutions thanks to our Reality Pack® solution, developed in collaboration with the digital department.

We are the Tester Partner for many companies that produce packaging machines, and this gives us the opportunity to know some automation processes in advance. As a result, we can develop an offer with high technical content to satisfy the needs of those who will then be required to “work” with it to dress their products.

The solutions that we propose, in fact, are of high quality and with infinite possibilities for finishes such as holographs, hot and cold foils, embossing, debossing, H-UV printing and braille, printing on any substance, from natural cardboard to plastic materials.

The packaging that is always available to the customer

Packaging is a fundamental stage of a company’s production process and, therefore, packaging must never be missing, even when there are peaks in demand or unexpected emergencies.

In order to always be by our customers’ side and never create delays, we have studied methods and services that have made our packaging production extremely efficient.

The reliability that the Faenza Group guarantees to its partners depends on two fundamental elements:

  • The internal full-cycle work process gives our customers a 100% guarantee on the entire production flow.
  • The 24-hour work process allows our customers to maintain a continuous production of their packaging and to always receive their goods on time.

Punctuality and efficient customer service make all the difference in B2B. Aware of this, our group pays great attention to delivery dates and always tries to find perfect solutions for all requests made.

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Eco-packaging that protects products and nature

Respect for the environment is an issue that increasingly influences consumers and guides companies’ choices in all aspects of production, distribution, communication and waste disposal.

Faenza Group packaging also means ecology, because we can boast a collaboration with the Life Gate® organisation and the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification, which explains how our printing processes are absolutely environmentally and nature friendly.

The commitment we put into protecting the ecosystem and reducing environmental impact also brings significant benefits to our partners. In fact, choosing our packaging solutions allows our customers to display the zero impact® brand on their packaging, thus communicating the company’s focus on ecology to their target audience.

Customised packaging: solutions for every customer need

Customised packaging is a common requirement for almost all companies, because the shape and graphics of the container are the characteristics that make a product identifiable and increase brand awareness and sales.

In addition to creativity and the ability to design innovative and communicative packaging, it is also necessary to know all the details that make packaging suitable for different commercial sectors.

The solutions we offer are of high quality and designed to meet the needs of our customers’ target users.

We offer many different finishes that vary from printing on plastic materials to traditional glued cardboard packaging.

The types of products for which the Faenza Group is universally recognised for quality and efficiency are:

  • Food packaging
  • General packaging
  • Packaging for home and personal hygiene
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Cartotecnica (card and paper work)
  • Augmented reality pack

Going into even further detail, the main categories of products we produce are food packaging, beauty packaging, fashion packaging, beverage packaging and packaging for pharmaceutical and veterinary products.

In order to guarantee the highest quality and an increasing efficiency, we at the Faenza Group have built a production plant with state-of-the-art machinery developed in direct collaboration with manufacturers. The production plants are in 10 colours and the processing plants can handle large and very large boxes.

As already highlighted above, we pay particular attention to the green and recyclable characteristics of our packaging to meet new consumer demands and, above all, to protect the ecosystem.