Luxury Packaging

Luxury Packaging – the first glance is what strikes your attention, physical touch then draws you in.

In the “distant” 2010 we implemented the Design Office to provide our customers with the opportunity to transform ideas into concrete products by combining technical skills and “good taste”.

It is exactly this combination which allows you to create packaging with a strong emotional impact and high communicative value.

A luxury product cannot have an “outer branding” that does not follow the stylistic lines and careful research of materials and finishes of which it is comprised.

At Faenza Group, we are used to involving the entire team in the technical and style department, also involving spokespeople from the Design and Creativity departments in order to design and create packaging worthy of what it contains.

When it comes to high-end paper goods, we mix innovation and technology with the expert hands of our skilled workers and our exclusive Italian craftsmen to create real works of art.

We strongly believe that luxury should above all be synonymous with a “well made” product and, therefore, not necessarily expensive.