Parapharmaceutical Packaging

Packaging in the parapharmaceutical sector is halfway between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. However, it must provide correct information of a therapeutic nature, but in some cases it tends to give cosmetics more attractive printed graphics than that of a drug.

You will notice how a nice pack of glossy and matt finishes and maybe some metallic foil leads you to buy supplements at €15-20 per box for only a few grams. If it was possible to place everything into a simple plastic bag, it would certainly cost the manufacturer less in terms of their margins, but at the same time these finishes capture your attention.

Within this category, you can find medicines and food supplements that can be purchased without a prescription – herbal or phytomedicines, homeopathic medicines, veterinary medicines (both on prescription and not on prescription), cosmetic products, health products, food, baby and hygiene products.