If you are looking for a reliable partner for everything related to printing and you aim to have the highest printing quality, the Faenza Group is the company for you.



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We are proud to be able to contribute to the creation of communication products by redefining a new standard of printing, bringing together materials by integrating and sharing the most innovative technologies available on the world printing industry market.

The Faenza Group has always been a reference point for the Fashion, Luxury, Design, International Photographic Publishing and Contemporary Art sectors and is well aware of the value of printing for those who invest in communication materials.

For this reason, every day our technicians pursue the objective of adding value by creating high-end products that seek to express the delicate and elegant essence of “Communicating Luxury”.

High quality printing

In order to achieve excellent printing results, we use the best manufacturing systems that are supported by highly specialised technicians and designers capable of offering customers an “all-inclusive” solution consisting of creativity and efficiency.

The Faenza Group is one of the Italian leaders in the printing sector with different types of products. Our fields of action are:

  • Digital printing
  • Traditional offset printing
  • Quality printing
  • Facsimiles

Thanks to our ample experience in the sector, we are able to guide every customer towards choosing the ideal print for their communication project. Combining creativity, expertise and technology, we can fulfil every type of request and manage even the tightest delivery times in the best possible way.

H-UV printing

In order to achieve high quality standards, maximum attention must be paid to every detail of the printing, from the materials to be used and the machinery used in processing to staff training.

Quality printing is the sector in which our group excels on the national and international scene.

Thanks to the decades of experience of all the companies that make up our commercial offer, we are able to offer customisation at the highest levels in all sectors.

Covers in leather, velvet, hide and luxury finishes such as gold or silver, hot screen printing and flocked covers are just some of the reasons why major Italian and foreign professionals have chosen our services to make their products.

H-UV technology is one of the most advanced tools that can be used in printing today. The Faenza Group has always distinguished itself for its qualified technological offer that, combined with the expertise of its specialised technicians, has led us to be a recognised company in producing high-end products both in Italy and abroad.

Today, thanks to komori h-uv technology with up to 8 colours plus in-line paint, we can guarantee the highest quality on natural and innovative materials. Brilliant colours, instant drying, metallic, glossy and matte finishing effects, and many details bring added value with competitive solutions as well as competitive prices.

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Digital printing

Over the years, digital printing has made its way into the printing world because of its quality that has constantly improved since its inception and, above all, because of its process speed.

For us, digital printing means very fast delivery times and quality similar to traditional offset printing.

Thanks to digital technology, it is possible to carry out suitable processes, for example, for printing books, company brochures, packaging, magazine printing, invitation printing and many other essential elements for communicating and disseminating culture.

Our technicians are able to quickly produce both small and large prints.

“Same-day” delivery has made this type of product one of the most suitable in solving urgent situations without losing the effectiveness of a quality print.

The customer’s needs dictate the choice of this printing method over another of our specialisations. Although digital printing seems advantageous in any case, in reality many companies still prefer traditional offset printing.


Offset printing

Tradition and innovation converge perfectly in the modern concept of offset printing.

The birth of this method dates back to 1875. Robert Barclay is attributed as the founder, but it was only thanks to Ira Washington Rubel that offset printing was applied to paper in 1904.

The difference between offset and digital printing lies in the indirect process of offset printing, while the digital printing r involves direct application on the surface. Printing an image is defined as indirect when it is printed on a substrate after an articulated passage through a roller system.

Offset printing, as well as being indirect, is also a planographic process in which flat surfaces with images and contrasts placed on one level are used.

This method guarantees extreme definition even on materials that are not perfectly regular.

With this, you can produce products of all sizes that maintain the quality of the print over time. Especially for this latter reason,offset printing is still widely used today for books, magazines and catalogues.

Traditional offset printing is the product that has made the Faenza Group one of the most famous and appreciated companies both nationally and throughout Europe. The possibility of customisation is the feature most appreciated by customers with specific requirements.

Traditional printing gives the concrete possibility of enriching our customers’ commercial offers because it highlights creativity and beauty by creating products with refined and valuable finishes like:

  • Foils
  • Glossy and matte varnishes
  • Paperback, milled and hardback bound covers

These are just some of the technical details that, together with the selection of excellent materials, can make each printed product an expression of the message that the Faenza Group’s customer wants to send to its target audience.


Facsimile printing

It is a type of creation that faithfully reproduces the quality of historical manuscripts, such as 15th century Bibles or medieval scribe manuscripts.

This particular sector of printing is characterised by a deep initial research, a careful analysis of the originals and extreme care paid to the final product that is made.

Creating a new product in high circulation without losing even an ounce of the charm of the original manuscript is a peculiarity that today we are able to make available for any type of book.

A beautiful book with an ancient flavour, but created with modern techniques, is an object of great aesthetic and cultural value.

The Faenza Group for cutting-edge printing services

The managerial choice to create the most technologically advanced graphics industry without losing the long experience of successful technicians was a winning one.

To date, the Faenza Group can be considered a leader in its sector. The key words in our work: tradition, perfection, attention to detail.

Behind every process in technology and machinery acquisition lies the ambition to improve the quality of work to better serve our customers.

With diligence and persistence, the Faenza Group has become known for the superior quality of its work, the speed of execution and above all the precision with which its clients are served.

The main printed products where the Faenza Group excels are:

  • Fashion and lifestyle magazines
  • Cultural magazines
  • Company magazines Company and product catalogues

In all these products, thanks to the continuous research on bestowing effects that can characterise them, and thanks to the quality of printing, it is possible to create customised products in an artisan manner and with a high expressive content.