Catalogues and brochures

The importance of paper materials in a digital world.

We are increasingly accustomed to using the web to find the information we need, but although today digital is essential in brand communication – a need to which we have responded with our new digital reality Hype Farm, also specialised in augmented reality solutions – paper still plays a fundamental role in the communication with its target.

If 2020 has changed the rules of customer relations, not allowing one-to-one meetings and increasing the use of the web for business relations, it has not changed the value of printed tools.
Catalogues and brochures remain fundamental materials for creating a “physical” relationship with our customers, because they build an analogical dialogue made of images, words and matter, and have a slower and more conscious fruition by the reader. This means that the memory our customers have of our company (or product) will be deeper and longer lasting.

The difference between the two tools is basically the number of pages, because if the catalogue generally provides much more content, brochures vary between 8 and 24 pages.
It is precisely for this “technical” reason that choices regarding how to use catalogues and brochures also change: usually the catalogue is designed to be an institutional or sales tool that will last over time, while the brochure is used more often for individual products or for those situations where there are rather high print runs, such as at events and trade shows.

In both cases, there are many factors that make the difference. Choosing paper for example, is a crucial element not only for printing images but also for the tactile quality of the object. Just as choosing the best printing technique to enhance images and graphic elements, the binding and finishes: all elements which, if designed to work in synergy, describe your company and your product in an effective and lasting way.

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