Company Profile

Introducing your company with a printed product is always a delicate task. Choosing which content to include and which to exclude, the shape of the presentation and which graphics to incorporate is always a very complicated process.

The company’s presentation is a product that, by nature, must be impeccable, immediately capturing the attention and demonstrating the Brand’s personality in all its splendour.

This is where the importance of the Company Profile and its role in corporate communication comes into play.

What is the Company Profile?

The Company Profile is a sort of identity card for your company, which explains what you do, how you do it, who you do it with and what results you have achieved in a concise and precise way. It is generally used to introduce the brand to stakeholders, i.e. all potential customers, suppliers, financiers and all those who may need to know you.

We could say that the Company Profile has such a basic importance for a company that, often, it is the potential customers who request it, so it’s best not to be caught unprepared!

The success of your business also depends on how well you communicate your brand’s personality through images and content.

Creation of a perfect Company Profile

How should it be designed in order to perform its function well? The first thing to do, therefore, is to find a common thread, a sort of story that speaks about you through text, images and graphics, making the content attractive and pleasant to consult. Always keep in mind that content cannot and should not be underestimated.

Since we are talking about content, let’s now try to understand what should always be included in a Company Profile. Although there is no absolute rule, there are some essential ones that must be respected.

After having outlined the creative mood of the project (it’s no small task to best interpret the personality and peculiarities of the Brand – BITBRANDING APP), you will have to evaluate which sections to include and try to organise the contents as much as possible in order to create a logical narrative thread that can get the reader emotionally involved.

So, let’s try to create an example of a Company Profile and content layout, imagining that your business deals with finger food for banquets and weddings.

One way to describe your company, involving the reader, could be to write and illustrate the Company Profile like a recipe book. Into this you would insert, in the form of ingredients and preparation methods, your story, a brief description of who you are, your long-term vision of your Brand, your mission, the advantages of your product, the company organisation, and not forgetting some practical demonstrations of the results obtained with some customers (case history). One thing that is very important is your ethics that set you apart from the rest. Never forget to add contact information.

There is logic concerning the order in which the sections of the Company Profile are listed in this context, but there is no unambiguous rule on the arrangement. The important thing is that all these are functional to the narrative. Each company is a unique case and must be treated as such.


Company Profile pdf and eBook

Before concluding, we still need a few more details on the format. We are often used to imagining the Company Profile done through a paper medium, which is always good to have. However, today, at the height of the digital age, it would be a shame not to take advantage of even more “evolved” means.

You should seriously consider developing the Company Profile so that it can be easily converted into a pdf to be sent and uploaded to your site, or even consider making an eBook.

Now that we have outlined the essential features, we have reached the point where we have to decide who we can rely on to print our brochures.

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