Stationery and invitations

When you need to promote your business on the market, you must pay attention to even the smallest detail. For this reason, the graphic study of the coordinated corporate image is the first small step towards communicating your image.

What is called stationery, i.e. the basic kit of office products, is the basis of any other advertising action: for this reason, it is important that it is well cared for and easily recognisable.

What is stationery

Among the various objects found in offices, there are many that fall into this category.

Stationery consists of:

  • Letterheaded paper
  • Envelopes of various shapes and sizes
  • Notepads
  • Folders of various shapes and sizes
  • Business Cards
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Invitations
  • Planners
  • Possible gadgets such as pens, pencils, cd roms, cups, usb sticks

These are important tools in conveying a company’s brand and a coordinated image is essential to promote it.

Stationery and corporate image

It is very important to have a coherent line that covers all aspects of a brand, both paper and non-paper. This includes the logo, the graphic sign that distinguishes a particular company from all others. Once defined, everything that can serve a purpose will have a well-defined graphic image, a coordinated image, which can be composed of all the elements mentioned above.

There are many elements that can go towards composing a coordinated image: fonts, colours, patterns, business cards, paper elements and much more.

Often, factors that are unrelated to graphics, such as customer service, internal corporate culture, website and socials, should not be overlooked. These are all things that make up the coordinated image.


L’importanza dello Stationery nella comunicazione aziendale

A prescindere da quali e quanti siano questi elementi, la cosa più importante e fondamentale è fare in modo che tutto comunichi in modo coerente ed uniforme. Proprio a questo serve il logo e gli elementi base dell’immagine: a dare coerenza.

Ricordati sempre che, per quanto possa essere complessa e strutturata un’immagine coordinata, tutto parte sempre dal logo e dalla sua assoluta centralità nel progetto complessivo: sono gli elementi aggiunti a doversi adattare ad esso e non viceversa.

Tutta l’attenzione riguardante questo importante settore della comunicazione si riflette nell’accurata realizzazione dello stationery e anche nella semplice stampa di inviti. Ogni elemento di un’azienda deve raccontare chi essa sia.

Per questo affidarsi ad un’azienda come Faenza Group vuole dire avere la certezza che i propri prodotti stampati ricalcheranno fedelmente il brand.

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