The Faenza Group provides high value editorial services with high technical content. With over 40 years of experience, our group boasts great expertise in the publishing world and in the fields of collectables, art books, photographic books as well as in the pharmaceutical and scientific sectors.



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High-quality publishing products

For exclusive and customised publishing products, international collaborations with the most authoritative experts allow our publishing house to increase the value of a printed product by proposing its publishing to our customers.

If the contents of the published volumes are specific and niche, they will be able to boast the publication with our specific brands, thus becoming part of a series dedicated to these limited and specialised worlds, increasing the appeal of the title itself.

Editorial services that give benefits

The distribution of the publications made and the possibility of printing only a few copies at a time are saving factors.

Editorial services that give benefits

The distribution of the publications made and the possibility of printing only a few copies at a time are saving factors.

Distribution HUB: books for sale where and when the customer wants to buy them

Making sure that your books arrive wherever there are potential buyers is definitely not an easy task. Coordinating all phases of volume production and identifying serious and reliable distributors for each target market country requires a lot of time and money. But there is a solution that simplifies all this.

Thanks to the Distribution HUB® service, which allows custom-made distribution both in Italy and abroad thanks to collaborations with the most important national and international distributors, the edited volume will be able to boast a presence in specific and niche locations, thus significantly reducing printing and distribution costs and increasing sales opportunities.

Fast Reprint: few copies but nice and fast

For those who want to edit books, printing and storage costs are a serious issue that must be carefully evaluated. Investing important capital and then returning the investment thanks to the sales of the product itself requires – in the best-case scenario – rather long time frames. This in turn involves a significant financial cost.

There are considerable advantages for authors and publishers who choose Fast Reprint:

  • Just in Time printing and no stock problems
  • Reorganisation of prints with the same quality and colour rendering as the first edition
  • Fastest delivery times anywhere in the world
  • Finishes, bindings, shipment preparation and logistics management, all of which have been carried out in-house
  • Extreme customisation and personalisation of prints, even in runs with very few copies (Special Edition, for example)
  • You can print on all types of media: cardboard, metallic papers, canvas and plastic materials


I servizi

Hard cover, soft cover and dust jacket for books

With the Faenza Group’s Made in Italy expertise and the skilful work of its technicians, every printed product has unique characteristics in its DNA that make it a work of art. Nothing is left to chance to obtain valuable books.

The cover is the book’s clothing, it will not make it better in content, but it will certainly capture the viewer’s attention. Choosing the material, the right format and searching for an attractive spine are the first steps towards making your work unique.

There are various types of covers:

  • Hard cover
  • Soft cover
  • Soft cover with inner flaps
  • Dust jackets

Each of them has specific characteristics that you should know in order for you to choose the most suitable one for your editorial project.

Hard cover

Printing is carried out on light coated paper and is hand-crafted with highly rigid and resistant pressed packs.  This process gives your book the importance of luxury editions.

Soft cover

Perfect for your pocket-sized book. Versatile and beautiful, the soft cover gives your work the modern charm of everyday life.

Soft cover with inner flaps

The flaps play a dual role of equal importance. They can be used as bookmarks, and can contain the author’s biography and photo, as well as the plot of the book, in order to immediately capture the reader’s interest.

Dust jackets

Can be combined with both soft and hard covers to embellish and protect your book. In the endpapers (the two flaps also used as a bookmark) it is possible to include not only the biography, but also the photo of the author.


The importance of the layout and the paper

The way the pages are folded, tied and glued to the cover marks the gap between a quality book and a mediocre assembly of sheets.  Staging plays a crucial role in the creation of your work.

There are various types of set-ups:

  • Milled
    It guarantees exceptional resistance to the book packaging. The sheets are cut, then milled and glued to the back of the cover. Normally used for uncoated paper.
  • Thread-sewn
    It provides groups of 16 pages (called ‘16mo’ in jargon) that are folded and sewn together. It is the strongest and most prestigious form of binding. Recommended for coated papers.
  • Stapled
    It is the typical binding used for magazines, dossiers and booklets made up of a small number of pages. A unique method, it is able to combine elegance and resistance.
  • Metal rings
    It involves the assembly of sheets by applying a metal spiral on one side. Practical and convenient for business presentations, theses and prestigious research.

To get the best results you must also carefully choose the paper, because this also ensures that part of the reader’s experience goes beyond what is written on the pages.

The paper is the vehicle through which your book’s message reaches the public. It can enhance the colours, brightness and fonts. The right choice of paper will make the relationship with the reader intimate and unique.

By relying on the Faenza Group, you will have complete support for everything related to publishing. You’ll see your project printed and distributed just the way you want, optimising costs without sacrificing quality.