Art Book

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Art Book

The Art Book for many is just a book, but for the artist, it is much more than a business… it is the artist himself.

It is an object rich in images and drawings that must evoke those emotions that the artist wants to share with the world.

Yes, that is what Artists are like and that is why they are so great.


“Before”, “during” and “after” the Art Book

The only way to obtain a result that will satisfy both parties, one must get to know, understand and empathise with the artist.

When it comes to the preparation time involved and comparing this elsewhere, those who work at Faenza Group do not know working hours neither Saturdays nor Sundays. You start, you change your mind, you improve the project as a whole, and you strike a balance between technology, timing and costs. In short, the BOOK is born in the end.

Following on from the file preparation stage are the colour management and photolithography stages. Whether they are in four colours, dualtone or tritone, right up to hexachrome, the important thing is that the artist is satisfied with the certified and calibrated printing proofs.

When that happens… it’s show time.

Conventional offset printing, LED-UV printing, H-UV printing or digital printing with HP 12000… in short, it doesn’t matter which technology you want to use… as there are so many available to use with the Faenza Group.

Once printed, it is time to get the production and bookbinding phases into action… there are more than 30 different special types of production we can offer. You can find them in our gallery or ask to meet one of our Printing Specialists.

The Book is born, and now, the Artist goes on stage, who can also sign Special Edition copies of his book at its unveiling.