Coffee-Table Books, the furniture books

Coffee-Table Books are, in short, beautiful books full of pictures and drawings. They almost act as a piece of furniture, since their main task, in addition to inciting emotion and joy while being browsed, is to be put in plain sight on a table, a cupboard or in a bookcase.

What is a Coffee-Table Book?

It can be easily defined as a piece of furniture, which characterises the house and the people who live within.

Moreover, being rich in images and illustrations, a Coffee-Table Book is able to tell immense tales and works, providing a purely artistic point of view of things.

There are books that, rather than being read, should be leafed through and enjoyed page after page with an appreciation of the touch, sight and smell to the detriment of the words themselves. This is the case with the Coffee-Table Book, and it’s these books that are perfect for being displayed on your living room coffee table. Very often they are placed inside real gallery walls that make both the room and the house itself unique.

Types: photo books, art books and more..

Coffee-Table Books can have the most varied themes:

  • Photo books
  • Art books
  • Interior design
  • Sketches
  • Fashion
  • Travel

Colourful, elegant and varied styles, neatly arranged on the living room coffee table, Coffee-Table Books are much more than just books; they are real jewels to collect, decorative elements to be displayed for inspiration.

Fascinating titles that lead to the discovery of the world of beauty right from the cover, reflecting the beauty of content with attention to detail in the intimate spaces of a home.

In fact, each volume contains unique photographs and illustrations, the kind that keeps you coming back to look at them again, fascinated, expertly mixed with descriptive and explanatory texts.

In short, these books are masterpieces of form and content and, in addition to entertaining us and our guests and giving character to our environments, Coffee-Table Books give elegance and beauty to our lives.


How to display Coffee Table Books

First, you place the books horizontally – not vertically, as you would on shelves and bookcases – and create meticulously tidy stacks. It seems trivial, but clean lines are essential in ensuring elegance.

Add personal elements, because adding sentiment to logic makes everything more special. Add warmth to the atmosphere and make it really unique by adding a few items that represent you: a family heirloom, memories of your favourite trips or that rare item you stumbled across by chance one morning in a vintage market.

The Faenza Group has been printing for years for brands, publishers and collectors of precious and very rare Coffee Table Books; each work is one-of-a-kind and delicately decorated in a way that characterises the work, making it a small piece of craftsmanship.