Willingness to listen, research and continuous innovation



FAENZA GROUP SPA mixes skills, services and creativity to produce powerful and effective communication tools. The willingness to listen, research and continuously innovate makes ours one of the most-loved groups of companies both inside and outside Italy.

FAENZA GROUP SPA consists of 8 brands: Bazzi, Formagrafica, Faenza Industrie Grafiche, AGC Colombo, Hype Farm, Intertisk, Damiani.

Each one is committed to pursuing the highest quality in every activity they carry out.

We are located both within Italy and abroad to be as close as possible to our customers. Just call one of our many branches and you will have the entire Group at your disposal. Always.

Communication solutions and corporate mission

There are 100 people working daily to produce what makes the FAENZA GROUP unique: the maximum expression of achievable quality in designing and producing communication tools.

Our communication solutions primarily concern: Printing, Packaging, Publishing, Coffee Table Books, Facsimiles: for each of these areas we have specialists at work, ready to meet your every need.

Our aim is to push the limits of what is possible in printing, packaging and cartotecnica with card and paper. We overcome challenges through constant innovation, a high level of quality, rapid and flexible responses, and the reliability of each service.


We pay great attention to the safety of our workers, the quality of our products, and the protection of the environment; in fact, we have obtained several certifications (ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2015, FSC, PEFC, Zero Impact) that attest our way of working.

This is what makes Faenza Industrie Grafiche unique.

With FAENZAGREEN®, every printing operation is an operation that does not weigh upon the environment

Take, for example, the group’s new Milan headquarters: it is entirely triple A, i.e., zero environmental impact. Or take, for example, the redesign of the entire industrial cycle according to a record reduction in energy consumption.

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