Faenza Green®

The best for your printing is the best for your environment.

With FAENZAGREEN® and Life Gate® your sustainability report looks good.

With FAENZAGREEN® and the Zero Impact® Life Gate® project, every printing task is an environmentally-friendly task and an important value for your sustainability report.

By joining the project you will be able to affix the Impatto Zero® trademark to each of your publications, you will also receive a certificate declaring your choice and your company will be included in international databases.

Impatto Zero® is the Life Gate® project, media network and advisor for sustainable development, which calculates, reduces and offsets carbon dioxide emissions generated by products, activities and events.

With FAENZAGREEN® you take care of the present and future of our planet

Take for example the group’s headquarters – it is entirely in triple A and production is powered by solar energy produced directly on site.

Or take, for example, the redesign of the entire industrial cycle according to a record reduction in energy consumption.

And if you want another example, just think that FAENZA GROUP was one of the European precursors in FSC certified production, i.e. based on the controlled supply of raw materials such as paper and cardboard.

That’s why when you think green, you can safely say FAENZA GROUP.